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Parents and Citizens' (P&C) Associations are not-for-profit organisations that work in productive partnership with their school and the community to enhance the outcomes of students. A P&C Association is a group of volunteers, governed by an elected Executive Committee that may also employ staff to provide and operate various services. P&C Associations use any profits from these services, along with fundraising efforts, to support and enhance programs and projects within their school.​

Kawana Waters State College's P&C Association follows these principles and exists to engage parents and citizens in ways that build and sustain purposeful relationships with the school, to foster improvements in education and developmental outcomes of students.

Our P&C Association supports the State High community through:

  • close cooperation and collaboration between parents, community, staff and students
  • feedback on school policies and activities by hosting regular meetings attended by the school's Executive Principal and members of staff 
  • fundraising to provide resources to enhance student learning and improve the school environment
  • opportunities for parents and guardians to be involved in their child's education and the broader school community
  • supporting parent-run P&C Association sub-committees for sporting and cultural extra-curricular activities. 

One of the greatest assets of an education at Kawana Waters State College is the wonderful diversity of nationalities and cultures that make up the school's student cohort. For many families, this could be your first encounter with a P&C Association. We warmly welcome all families to join and get involved in our P&C, whether it is your first experience with a P&C or you are a P&C veteran!

Download the  P&C Association Constitution (PDF, 414KB).​

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2022 Applications and renewals

To become a P&C Association member, or renew your membership, please download the P&C Association membership form (PDF 187KB) and submit the completed form in person to the Secretary at one of the monthly P&C Association meetings which are held on the fourth Monday of each month during school terms. Meeting dates can be found further on this page.  Forms are also available at the meetings. ​

Executive Committee nominations

There are still some vacancies on our Executive committee for 2022.  This is a great opportunity to give back to the school and support the work that the P&C does in providing extra resources for the benefit of all students.  If you are interested in nominating for an Executive Committee position, please complete a nomination form below and email to

Honorary P&C Life Membership nominations open

Do you know a P&C member who has given significantly to help our school? Life Membership is an honour awarded to a P&C member in recognition of their extraordinary contribution to the College Parents and Citizens Association and the school. Through this award, the P&C Association is able to publicly express appreciation, encourage long term participation within the P&C and acknowledge and define exemplary standards of service.

Nomination forms can be received up until 5:00pm on Monday 28 February 2022 via email to

Nomination instructions are detailed in the documents below.


The P&C Association meets at 4:00pm on the third Thursday of each month (except during school holidays/public holidays) in the secondary campus administration block.  All members of the school community are welcome to attend.

2022 meeting dates:


Start Time

Thursday 17 March

AGM – 6:00pm

Thursday 21 April


Thursday 19 May


Thursday 16 June


Thursday 21 July


Thursday 18 August


Thursday 15 September


Thursday 20 October


Thursday 17 November



A volunteer is an individual who works without payment and acts under the direction and supervision of the school. All volunteers are required to complete an induction the first time they visit any department site and mandatory training annually. 

Part of the induction for volunteers includes the requirement to review the Key Message Guide (PDF, 995KB) and complete the Declaration page. The Key Message Guide (PDF, 995KB) covers important information regarding responsibilities volunteers will have while on departmental sites. Check with the supervisor or manager at the location you are volunteering at for guidance and the information you need to be aware of while working at their department. ​​


  • Access the Key Message Guide (PDF, 995KB)
  • Review the information.
  • Complete the Declaration section on the last page of the guide.
  • The supervisor or manager of the location you are volunteering at will verify the completed Declaration and finalise the Record of Completion with a signature and date.
  • Retain the verified Record of Completion section. It will be recognised in other Queensland State Schools or departmental sites for 12 months.

2022 P&C Committee Members

P&C President:   Matthias Schlotterbach

P&C Vice Presidents:   Kelly Longhurst and Samantha Benecke

Treasurer:   Alan Knight

Secretary:   Jennifer Stanley​


Last reviewed 04 May 2022
Last updated 04 May 2022