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Computers and technology

Choose Your Own Device (CYOD) Program


CYOD overview

Our College aims to have all students students functioning efficiently as 21st Century Learners. By the time our students leave school, especially those now in primary year levels, the world will be an even more technologically dependent environment.
​All students will be able to bring their privately owned devices to school and securely connect to our school network. This will give students access to the internet as well as resources and printing.  This program is called ‘Choose Your Own Device’ (CYOD).
Kawana Waters State College asks that parents lend their support to this very valuable and innovative program. Strong support from parents is paramount to the program's success.  
A successful Computer and Technology Program at Kawana Waters State College is dependent on: 
  •   A strongly supported culture and vision across the whole school community
  •  Development of student centered learning methods
  •  Ongoing professional development for staff.

What is CYOD?

Choose Your Own Device (CYOD) is a term used to describe a digital device ownership model where students use their privately owned devices to access the departmental networks and information management systems in an educational setting.

Benefits of CYOD

  • A solution to maintain a 1-to-1 model for our students, providing them with access to technology 24/7
  • Greater capacity to participate and deliver inquiry / project based learning with greater student choice and differentiation
  • Students are comfortable and confident using a device they are familiar with
  • Students wanting to personalise their device to suit their own learning
  • Allowing a greater range of parental choice in the purchase of devices
  • Creating a diverse community of devices helping to enhance awareness of emerging technologies
  • Exposing staff to a wide range of platforms which further develops ICT capabilities
  • Promoting reciprocal learning between staff and students in a contemporary learning environment.